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Press articles

  • Livestock - March/April 2016

    Kat Bazeley of Synergy Farm Health looks into the growth rate of dairy heifers, where is goes wrong and how to get it right in this issue of Livestock Magazine.
  • Farming Scotland - April 2016

    Andy Cant of Northvet Veterinary Group discusse abortions within the spring calving season.
  • Cow Management - March 2016

    Alistair Hayton of Synergy Farm Health describes the decision making process as each cow is dried off.
  • Farmers Weekly - 18.03.16

    Neil Laing of Clyde Vet Group comments on cutting vaccinations to save costs on farm.
  • Farm Business - 18th March 2016

    Keith Cutler of Endell Veterinary Group discusses how organisation is the key to spring calving success.
  • Farmers Weekly - 11.03.16

    Barry Cooper of Paragon Veterinary Group, Harriet Ellis of Ardene House Vet Practice and Mark Spilman of Bishopton Veterinary Group features in this issue of Farmers Weekly vet viewpoint.
  • Farmers Weekly - 11.03.16

    Lucy Hepworth of Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic looks at a six step guide to avoiding losses at calving.
  • Over the Counter - Early Spring 2016

    Richard Knight of Westmorland Veterinary Group discusses how to ensure ewes are on the right nutritional levels before lambing.
  • The Northern Farmer - March 2016

    Alistair Couper of Capontree Veterinary Centre looks at how to prevent and treat scour.
  • Dairy Farmer - January 2016

    Mike Christie of Lambert, Leonard and May looks at embryo transfer work in commercial dairy farms.