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Press articles

  • Dairy Farmer - May 2016

    Drove Farm Vets founded the Dairy Early Warning Club which proves that the cow data it provides is key to making herd progress.
  • Farmers Weekly - 6th May

    This months vet viewpoint comes from Ed Hewitt - Armour Veterinary Group, Daniel Robertson - Willows Veterinary Group, Paddy Gordon - Shepton Veterinary Group and Steve Glanvill - Hook Norton Veterinary Group
  • Pig & Poultry Marketing - Spring 2016

    Duncan Berkshire of Bishopton Veterinary Group responds to a reader's query about sudden finisher-pig deaths.
  • Sheep Farmer - April/May 2016

    Emily Gascoigne of Synergy Farm Health looks at using abattoir condemnations to make flock improvements.
  • The Holstein Journal - April 2016

    Barry Cooper of Paragon Veterinary Group answers questions in this months issue of The Holstein Journal on 'a day in the life of a vet'.
  • Dairy Farmer - April 2016

    Synergy Farm Health and Bishopton Veterinary Group founded the Cattle Lameness Academy last year. Dairy Farmer magazine reports from the inaugural seminar.
  • Northern Farmer - April 2016

    Roger Scott of Scott Mitchell Associates advises what to do if your lambs are scouring.
  • Veterinary Practice Today March/April 2016

    Emily Gascoigne of Synergy Farm Health looks at the challenges of implementing strategies in the UK sheep industry and exploring the role the farm animal clinician can play.
  • Veterinary Practice Today March/April 2016

    Jane Anscombe of Farm First Veterinary Services looks into ways of investigating sudden deaths in farm animals.
  • Livestock - January/February 2016

    Emily Gascoigne of Synergy Farm Health discusses the control of ovine abortion.