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Press articles

  • The Northern Farmer May 2015

    Laura Sloan, Millcroft Veterinary Group, answers questions on lambing performance data.
  • Over the Counter Late Spring 2015

    Den Leonard, Lambert, Leonard & May, discusses the politics of bTB control.
  • Over the Counter Late Spring 2015

    Richard Knight, Westmorland Veterinary Group, explains how hygiene and equipment checks will ensure sheep and lambs stay healthy.
  • Veterinary Practice May 2015

    Joe Henry, Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group, explains how he worked with his client to beat BVD.
  • Farmers Weekly 01.05.15

    Anna Patch, Shepton Veterinary Group, Ben Pedley, Willows Veterinary group, Eilidh Sellars, Armour veterinary Group, Steve Glanvill, Hook Norton Veterinary Group, give a regional monthly round-up of key veterinary issues.
  • Farmers Weekly 01.05.15

    Mark Burnell, Synergy Farm Health, discusses the lameness contract he developed.
  • Dairy Farmer May 2015

    David Black, Paragon Veterinary Group, heads research project at Newton Rigg College looking at achieving a better understanding of the 'green bedding' concept.
  • Farmers Guardian 24.04.15

    Charlie Thompson, Lambert, Leonard and May, discusses a new biological fly control method.
  • Farm Business 17.04.15

    Chris Lyddon, Parklands Veterinary Group, shares his views on the dairy industry.
  • Farm Business 17.04.15 2

    Andy Adler, Synergy Farm Health & SureFarm Ltd, discusses the launch of SureFarm Ltd's government-approved private health scheme for the voluntary surveillance of bovine TB for the camelid industry - the first in the UK!